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Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One - The Road to Vinnie's Tomb

Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two - Shine and Glow Vinnie

Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One - The Road to Vinnie's Tomb
(in lack of a better title)

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Are you ready for an incredible action game with stunning graphics and sound? How about spectacular 3D animation that puts "Duke Nukem 3D" and "Descnet" to shame?
With Vinnie's Tomb, you'll experience first hand, the game you were not looking for. Vinnie's Tomb pales in comparison to "Duke Nukem" and many other favorite popular games! We hope however, you'll find a fun filled adventure that will amuse you for at least two minutes.

In the game, you take on the role of Vinnie the pierrot. You are on a journey to find the forbidden treasure of Ernie York. It is allegedly buried in your Great Great Great Great Not So Great Grandfather's electronic store. Long ago the store was converted into a tomb. Your Great Great Great Great Not So Great Grandfather was also named Vinnie. This is just one of the trivialities of the wonderfully splendid game we call "Vinnie's Tomb PART ONE (The Road to Vinnie's Tomb)". As you can see Reldni Productions lacks imagination when it comes to software titles. You'll probably have to read this introduction several times to make any sense of it.

A long time ago, or perhaps not, you learn that multimillionaire Ernie York kept a large sum of valuable electronic surveillance equipment and cryogenic hardware at an electronic store. This happened to be the same electronic store where your Great Great Great Great Not So Great Grandfather worked at. Fifty-nine years ago the store was transformed into a tomb. No one really remembers why.

Recently you received an anonymous phone call from an anonymous caller. The caller told you that your Great Great Great Great Not So Great Grandfather Vinnie was entombed by the local SZC (Sinister Zebra committee). Being a gullible idiot, you believed the caller.

Everyone in the world knows about the legend of Vinnie's tomb, except for the people who don't know about it. Now you must find the utter horrible truth! You'll meet bizarrely sketched creatures and pick up desirable objects during your quest to find Vinnie's Tomb. It's a lot of fun, we hope.

Requirements and odd hints for Vinnie's Tomb :

You should know how to turn the computer and use a mouse. No, not that kind of mouse. That joke should be extinct by now.

You will need Windows '95, and a computer to run it on. Vinyl siding is also cool to have. Please keep in mind that microwave ovens and carrot sticks are inessential to the game.

Banging the keyboard at random will not help you win the game. It is a little known fact that swinging the mouse around the room may make you dizzy.

In case you actually want to hear the dialouge (which was obviously recorded by the same person), you need a sound card.

We are sorry to relate that the grand prize in the Vinnie's Tomb Sweepstakes was snatched by some burly looking gentleman with a penknife in his toolbox.

This game is for immature audiences only. Even then, they should consult a physician.

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Playing the Game (Instructions):

On certain scenes, you can move Vinnie around. Vinnie can pick up objects he finds.

To Move Vinnie:

To collect an object:

To complete some scenes you will need to click on a hand pointing to the exit.

On some scenes, you must talk to creatures. Use the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the scene's window to advance the conversation. Normally, you cannot pickup objects or move Vinnie until you have completed the dialogue.

To use an object you have collected:

To end the game at anytime click on the top right corner of the window.


This game may not work with Windows' Large Font settings. Although you can modify your screen resolution, you must choose to use small fonts.

Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One is a very good and hilarious game, but maybe a bit easy and short.

Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two - Shine and Glow Vinnie

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After a perilous and ridiculous journey, Vinnie has discovered his ancestral Tomb. Shortly after entering the Tomb, Vinnie is attacked by a vicious monster known as the Dragollater.

Vinnie loses consciousness as the monster tears his flesh.
Later, Vinnie wakes up. The Dragollater has disappeared. Vinnie examines his arms and legs. He cannot believe that he appears unscatched. He is no longer in any pain.

The puzzled Vinnie enters the next room of the Tomb.

Now you can continue Vinnie's adventure in the exiting second chapter of Vinnie's Tomb!
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